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Senior Program
International Trade Simulation
( ITS)

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International Trade Simulation, ITS, is a comprehensive, intensive, professional and practical course. The students will enter an animated and emulational export trade environment through the exquisitely constructed platform of ITS, combine to set up trading companies and do international business on the platform. ITS strives to let participants understand, learn and explore all export practical skills and knowledge from the simulated business environment. The ability of analysis, organization, contingency, management and communication covered within will thus be practiced and improved.

During the training period the students will be plugged into a simulated Internet environment to be a real decision-maker, a company manager as well as the business operator. They register a company of their own and open their bank account. By browsing the net, they can be well informed of the demand and the supply home and abroad and decide what to sell or buy. The information based on the ITS platform also provides the rate of insurance and freight, exchange and interest as well as tariff and duties etc., which are all changeable periodically, or even unexpectedly. During each transaction, the participants negotiate with foreign counterparts (simulated by the professors and professionals as well as the foreign students) by E-mails in competition with others. Also they can have the operation simulation with the shipping and insurance companies, customhouse, banks and other trade service bodies. At the end of program (normally lasted for 12 weeks), the participants are evaluated mainly by the company turnover, business profit and operation proficiency as well as response capacity.

   Proposed Cooperation

SCICIB is very much keen on cooperation as to ITS program in the aim at setting up a global business simulation network through Internet. We are now seeking the partners all over the world to join this exciting program. We suppose each training spot sets up its own Intranet to enable local participants to run simulated trading companies within it. Then all training spots exchange information (import or export opportunities) through Internet.

Thus, a global simulated business network is established, on which participants of different cultural backgrounds can exchange freely trading information, communicate and compete with those who will most likely engage in business in the future.

We firmly believe through our many years' experience that such international cooperation depends very much on the passion of the school and the devotion of the instructors and project managers. We wish to set up cooperation with you as you firm up your decision to invest time and energy in the development and improvement of your simulation program. We believe working with you towards common goals will be exhilarating, energizing and satisfying.

For details, please contact its@scicib.com


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