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The Shanghai Collegiate Internship Centre for International Business (SCICIB) is located within the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT) Gubei campus, which is adjacent to the Shanghai Hongqiao Development Zone. Established in 1997 through a joint investment by the Education Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government and the SIFT, SCICIB is the first base of its kind in China for both professional practice and public services in the field of international trade and E-commerce.

Boasting first-class internship premises filled with experts and professional instructors and equipped with modern teaching facilities and advanced network, SCICIB creates an all-directional simulated modern electronic business environment for the trainees, instructing them how to get, through comprehensive internship, thoroughly acquainted with the diversified professional skills relevant to contemporary business practice.

Besides providing internship to all students in colleges and universities all over China, SCICIB also offers such services as professional training, simulated practice and professional skill evaluation and testing to personnel in the circles of international trade. The qualified will be awarded a certificate.


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