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Junior Program

Senior Program
International Trade Simulation
( ITS)







  Teaching Philosophy

Consistent with its philosophy----Learning by Doing, CTS is always open to students who have the will to understand, learn and explore all the practical skills and knowledge from the simulated business environment.


  Object & Design

CTS strives to let all the participants know more about the real export business in China and at the same time play a role as interns in a Chinese simulated trade company. The ˇ°internsˇ± will try to negotiate with the overseas buyers, reach the agreement on business terms and execute the export contract, and the skills and knowledge covered within will thus be learned.

Students will enter an animated and emulational export trade through the exquisitely constructed platform of CTS. Every step of the simulation always comes with a new business task which requires students to learn more and think more. The instructor, who plays a ˇ°supporting roleˇ± in this learning-oriented course, will assist students to improve and professionalize their work.



The final result that decides whether a student can pass the CTS or not will be determined by taking his or her performances in the whole duration of course. The all-around assessment criterion contains: course attendance, business skills, periodic quizzes and final exam. Students who pass the CTS will get the certificate issued by the Shanghai Collegiate Internship Center for International Business (SCICIB).


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