Since 1990, CTS has been a practical curriculum specially designed for the overseas exchange students in Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT). Every year, students from all over the world including the Netherlands, France, the United States and Germany etc. come to attend the course. Up to 2011, CTS has trained more than 700 overseas students.
Teaching Philosophy
Based on its philosophy ¡ª¡ª Learning by Doing, CTS requires the participants to have the ability of understanding, learning and grasping the export business knowledge and skills through their own practice in simulated business environment.
The teacher, whose duty is more as the tutor than the lecturer, plays a ¡°supporting role¡± in this learning-oriented course and assists students to improve and professionalize their tasks.
Object & Design
In CTS, all participants will become ¡°interns¡± in a simulated Chinese trading company and be required to work as professional business persons.
Logging into the web-based software, students will experience entire procedures of ¡°One Export Transaction¡±, including negotiation with overseas customers, calculation of export prices, export contract drafting, export contract execution etc.
CTS welcome to such students who are interested in ¡°How to do business in Chinese Trading Company¡±.
CTS course is currently given in English.
The final result that decides whether a student can pass CTS will be determined by the following all-around criterion: professional appearance and behavior, task accomplishment, periodic quizzes and final exam.
Students who pass CTS will get the certificate issued by Shanghai Collegiate Internship Centre for International Business (SCICIB).
Comments from Students
AGUIR Nabil ------ University of Nantes (France)
As this is the end of our class, what I can say about this class is that, this is very interactive, and interesting. Indeed for most of students, the worth thing is that even if they have knowledge they have few opportunity to feel what is to ¡®work¡¯ and the differences between studies and works.
Make the student in such kind of situation give him much more than theoretical class, and can even show him that perhaps this is not what he wants to do later, or at contrary that it can be very interesting in.
BOURASSEAU Priscilla ------ University of Nantes (France)
CTS has been useful for me because it allowed me to know more about the import-export between China and foreign countries. In just one month I think we have learnt a lot of things, enough to become more independent if later we decide to be an internship in a real company. In my case, I would like to work in import-import in France and work with Asiatic countries. Some things are important to know, for example about the certificate of origin GSP form A, it could be helpful to know about it. I liked it because we really feel like real internships: wearing suits, working on computers and so on.
CHEVALIER Thibault ----- Groupe ESC Troyes (France)
I have the feeling that CTS was a very well led internship. I had a lot of pretty important tasks to fulfill and it was a great pleasure to work on such files on my own. Even if I did a lot of progress while working in this company, and even if I was assisted when I was feeling uncertain or lost, I probably would have vigorously accepted some kind of more personalized help for specific situations, or maybe more group lessons on the points which were some real issues for us. Nevertheless, I find that this experience, with its difficulties and its good points, was a very refreshing and valuable experience. I felt very comfortable working next to some other interns and I developed a sense of business. I am now more focused on the task I have to do in a working place environment and I feel more ready to enter the business market with a real job.
THIERY Geoffrey ----- Groupe ESC Troyes (France)
The concept learning by doing exactly fit with my personality because you can learn, learn and learn it won¡¯t replace to do the thing. It¡¯s also good to have a book to refer on it when we are lost. In class we always can ask for help so I would thank the team for their work. Preparing the class with exercises help a lot because when you come in class you already know what you will do in it. The fact that you also have review homework help too because you learn three times the same thing in three different moments, so it¡¯s easier to not loose what you have learned.
DEROUET Luc ----- IDRAC PARIS (France)
Concerning my understanding of the Chinese export transaction, I must say that it was my first lessons and also kind of internship with all the specificities of the Chinese exportation system. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to understand all the stapes but after a moment of adaptation, all seems to be very logical. This internship is a great experience to improve our knowledge of the Import/Export because when we can understand how it works, all seem to be clearer and finally we are able to understand some other fields which are related to it.
KORTE Tobia s----- Han University of Applied Science (Netherlands)
During my internship at Shanghai HuaXin Trading Co., Ltd, I learned about the different steps in an export transaction. At the last four weeks I learned, to which details it is important to pay attention to. Even though I had classes in commercial law and business writing before, these were not that practically oriented. Next to that, there was no big overlap between the former classes and China Trade Simulation. I think that CTS is a very valuable course, which gave me an outlook on the real business world. It is definitely more motivating to learn about the procedures than studying them from a textbook.
Jonathan Lee ----- Hogeschool Rotterdam(Netherlands)
Thanks to this internship, I¡¯ve learned that a business transaction isn¡¯t as easy as it sounds. I definitely have a better view of the whole transaction process and I¡¯m glad to have done this course. It was very helpful. I personally find CTS is one of the nicest courses SIFT is giving. I especially liked the fact that we had to dress formally each time. It gives you a good feeling of how working in a big company feels like. But most important is that thanks to this course, I¡¯ve learned a lot about the whole process of a business transaction.